Matthew James Weigel’s It Was Treaty/It Was Me wins the 2021 bpNichol Chapbook Award

Congratulations to Matthew James Weigel’s It Was Treaty / It Was Me, published by Vallum Chapbooks, for winning the 2021 bpNichol Chapbook Award! Meet the Presses is thrilled with this selection and encourage everyone to jump online and order your own copy, if you don’t have one already!

Congrats and thanks as well to the shortlisted authors:

Terese Mason Pierre, Manifest, published by Gap Riot Press

MA|DE, A Trip to the Zzoo , published by Collusion Books

Manahil Bandukwala and Conyer Clayton, Sprawl, published by Collusion Books

.Further gratitude to this year’s judges Jennifer Lovegrove and Jordan Abel, Michael Dean and Karl Jirgen’s for contributing the publisher prize, to the anonymous donor who provides the funds for the bpNichol Chapbook Award.

We will be posting the recordings of the announcement and the other Meet the Presses events from the weekend, so keeping coming back for more details!