Meet the Presses (MTP) is seeking Statements of Interest

Meet the Presses (MTP) is seeking Statements of Interest from individuals who would like to join the MTP collective. Our annual Indie Literary Market is an invitational event for independent literary publishers—presses, micropresses, zines, and journals—as selected by two curators within the collective. In addition to conducting the annual market, Meet the Presses administers the annual bpNichol Chapbook Award, which recognizes excellence in Canadian poetry in English published in chapbook form within Canada. Other events, such as the 2020 Indie Literary Online Symposium, are planned on an ad hoc basis.

While past Indie Literary Markets have taken place in Toronto, Meet the Presses will be holding our events and meetings virtually for the next year; however, our hope is to return to a Toronto Indie Literary Market in 2022. In the past, members of the collective have typically been Toronto-based, as we usually meet in Toronto once every six to eight weeks, but meeting and participating virtually is a potential option.

Being nonprofit and unfunded, we have limited resources, thus at present all members, curators and Chapbook Award judges perform the MTP work on a completely volunteer basis.

Meet the Presses has made the commitment to do all we can to ensure that our activities are conducted in safe, inclusive, anti-racist spaces, especially for LGBTQQIP2SAA*, Indigenous, Black, and people of colour. We are committed to including in our membership historically marginalized writers, poets, publishers, and friends of the collective. We welcome all expressions of interest. Please send these to either Beth Follett ( or Aaron Tucker (