Michael Dennis Receives the Meet the Presses’ Special Recognition Award for Commitment and Devotion to Small Press

The Meet the Presses Collective is pleased to announce that Michael Dennis is the first recipient of the Special Recognition Award for Commitment and Devotion to Small Press. Born in London, Ontario, in 1956, Michael Dennis published his first poems in the early ’70s. His working life has included everything from stints in car plants and copper mines to installing artworks in galleries and doing time as a short-order cook and a dishwasher in a strip club; he ran a small botique hotel in the ’80s, was Santa at the Kmart in Charlottetown one year, and opened a non-profit ESL school in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czechoslovakia, immediately following the Velvet Revolution. Michael has driven a taxi and a truck and had a brief stint as a private chauffeur. He wrote the popular blog Today’s book of poetry bringing a larger audience to over 800 books of small press poetry from Canada, the US and beyond.